Mission Deputies

MDSA (Mission Deputies South Africa)

SDSA (Sending Deputate Suid Afrika)


Secretary: Tanya de Vente-Bijker,  email:  tanyadevente@gmail.com

MDSA/SDSA are appointed by the Synod of the FRCSA churches in South Africa. MDSA is not responsible for mission policies or mission work as such, but has a controlling role deemed necessary by Synod 1996 of the FRCSA and their partners in the Netherlands. MDSA/SDSA  has to execute the following Synod mandate:

a.      To sustain and enhance the contacts between the mission churches of the FRCSA, the supporting churches abroad and the local supporting churches.

b.      To act in accordance with the “Agreement of Co-operation between MDSA and ZAM/DVN”, and the “Agreement of Cooperation regarding the mission between the FRCSA churches”. Both agreements attached as pdf files.

c.       To execute the “FRCSA policy for supported mission projects” for all supporting projects. Attached as a pdf file.

d.      To approve proposals for possible new mission projects. These projects have to be related to the spreading of the gospel, have to have as ultimate goal the conversion of sinners and the gathering of Christ’s church and must be proved to be sustainable and executable.

e.      To assess the different congregations according to the newly adopted differentiated contribution model.


Financial support is mainly coming from the Netherlands via ZAM (mentioned above) standing for Zuid Afrika Mission. ZAM represents 43 co-operating GKv (www.gkv.nl) churches. More information about ZAM: http://zuidafrikamission.nl/